Istoria - A National Library Event's Guide for Aug - Oct 05

Istoria... …is the Greek equivalent of the word "history" but also carries with it other meanings like story or tale …is the induldgence in the visualisation of words, to present an essence of true reality that is accorded with nature and also with art …is the theme of a portpurri of exhibitions, programmes, workshops and related activities as NLB celebrates Singapore's 40th birthday in August 2005

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Istoria pulls together Exhibitions, Workshops, Talks and Resources that are to be held within the new library.


1) Shaping Singapore – Achievements and Aspirations (URA)

Venue: Level 7 & 8 Promenade
Date: Jul till Sept 2005

Through photojournalistic images of our city today and video projections of the future, the exhibition offers a unique experience for visitors to understand how our city state was shaped into a global city, and also gives a hint of what opportunities or business, investment and fun might arise in Singapore over the next 30 years.

The first part entitled “Achievements” showcases the Singapore of 2004 as the result of 30 years of urban planning and design, as seen through the eyes of 19 SPH photojournalists. The second part on “Aspirations” offers visitors a glimpse of Singapore’s exciting opportunities for good life, fun and businesses in the next 30 years.

2) Eye in the Sky Photo Exhibition

Venue: Level 5 Promenade
Date: Aug till Sept 2005

This exhibition is the result of a competition where aspiring photographers document their impressions and perspectives of the City through their own lenses. It portrays a whole new way of looking at the country that we know all our lives and reaffirms the discoveries that can still be uncovered if only we open our eyes to take a closer look.

3) Who Am I? The Joy of Discovering Your Family History (Kevin Shepherdson)

Venue: Level 9 Promenade
Date: Aug 1 till Aug 28


Visitors will journey into the past with the Shepherdson Family as they trace their 400-year family history through 13 generations and connected family members around the region. Their ancestral trail starts from Ramsgate, Kent, to the British East India country trade during the time of Captain Francis Light and Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the Straits Settlements, Early Singapore to present day.

Exhibits will include the history of the Shepherdson family from the year 1600s to the present-day descendants in Singapore, complemented by Shepherdson family artifacts and heritage items.

Learn about how to research your family history from Traditional research to using Scientific Methods (DNA analysis) and discover the resources available to discover your own family history

4) Nation on Parade

Venue: Level 11 Promenade
Date: Aug 3 till Oct


This exhibition is approached in many angles, including a general history of the parades, significance of parade venues, aesthetics and theatrically of the parade displays, involvements of participants and audience, parade themes, national songs, the variety of float displays etc. The exhibition carries great potential of visual appeal as the parades themselves are typically filled with pomp, pageantry and colour.

5) Straits Times Photo Exhibition

Venue: Level 13 Promenade & Rare Book Gallery
Date: Aug 10 till Aug 24


This photographic exhibition ties in and is a part of SPH’s celebration of the 160th birthday of The Straits Times. The many pictures chronicle the nation's history, milestone events and quirky moments.

6) Singapore Cinema in Retrospect (NHB)

Venue: Level 9 Promenade
Date: Sept till Oct


The Singapore Cinema in Retrospect exhibition traces the evolution and development of Singapore cinema and film industry. Also included is replica of ‘cinema on wheels’.

7) History of Land Transportation in Singapore (LTA)

Venue: Level 10 Promenade
Date: Sept 16 till Sept 30


The exhibition has four parts to it:

The exhibition will focus on historical development of Singapore transportation post-independence. This will be supported by exhibits of land transport "artifacts" such as old bus tickets, conductor's cash satchel and clippers, old taximeters and ALS coupon etc.

It will also feature the future of land transport - to be supported by architectural models of future stations or road interchanges with quotes and visions of Singaporeans.

Intimate Showcases

As part of the suite, there are also small-scale intimate exhibitions that highlight the views and mindsets of Singaporeans, on their own lives and journeys and how they view the world around them. These tie in with the Istoria theme as well.

1) My Journey

Venue: Basement 1, Central Lending Library
Date: Jul 18 till Jul 20


This one – person exhibition depicts Lee Hui Lian’s journey during her past 4 years of education in Singapore. It is also a gesture to share with the public her love for art. The exhibition comprises of approximately 30 pieces of paintings, mainly Singapore landscapes, Malaysia landscapes and flower series, as well as her O-level and A-level coursework projects at CHIJ (Toa Payoh) and National Junior College respectively.

A portion of the exhibited paintings will be for sale to the public. After deduction from the total exhibition cost, half of the proceeds from the paintings sold will go towards charity in the event a sponsor for the exhibition cost is not available

2) Brief Encounters - A Singaporean View of the World

Venue: Basement 1, Central Lending Library
Date: Aug 1 till Aug 30


This exhibition is a result of the Brief Encounters project that allow normal Singaporeans the chance to expand their creativity in order to create something that they have never done before. These Singaporeans express their own hopes, fears and motivations of the world around them and showcase their desire and wishes expressed through the simple analogy of Traveling.

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